Welcome to my new series, QUARANTINE ROUTINE! I’m going to share the daily routines of my favorite movers and shakers while they’re at home. I love reading about how other people structure their days and what advice they have for navigating this new world we’re in and I hope you enjoy it too! Today, I’m talking mommin’ and being a business owner during a pandemic with Dallas of Dallas Beauty Lounge!

This gorgeous Momma gave birth to her second baby and got released from the hospital the day the lockdown went into effect. She’s now running her business from home while taking care of a toddler AND a newborn!

Dallas says the pandemic kinda forced her to start her e-commerce store and that’s been a big silver lining because that part of her business is really booming! Her mom and husband took all the beauty products out of her salons, moved them into her basement and that’s where she spends several hours a day filling orders from her e-commerce site.

I asked her what her new morning routine looks like now and she says her husband gets up with the baby in the morning around 6 so she can sleep til 7-7:30. (Best husband ever!) Then she gets breakfast ready for everybody. Dallas and I are “breakfast soul sisters” because she also loves oatmeal with banana. Then, they chill out for a bit as a family and she spends the rest of the day filling orders and shipping them out.

Dallas’s advice for moms, business owners and basically everyone is to GIVE YOURSELF GRACE! As someone who likes to be a very busy person, this pandemic has really forced her to slow down and enjoy what’s in front of her in the moment!

I soooooo relate to this because I like to be busy and productive every day too. I think some of us Type-A personalities need to just CHILL OUT. 🙂


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