Not that I thought anyone would…I just wanted to go on the record saying that.
Even though we insulated the hell out of The Rowhouse…and most rooms are toasty warm…we still feel a few drafts.

Look at that concentration!
Look at that concentration!

We did a very scientific test (ha!) and found that our back bedroom is about five degrees cooler than the rest of the house.
This means we can only have people sleep over who are warm-blooded or who are willing to sleep in their snowsuits.
(Let’s get real, the only person who’s sleeping over is Niece Lily and she will sleep with me while Mark takes the couch.)
To help with the drafts, Mark went around and spray-foamed all the nooks and crannies.
Yes, our Christmas tree is still up...don't judge!
Yes, our Christmas tree is still up…don’t judge!

Since we live in an old brick house, there are basically a million.
Once the foam dries, Mark will shave off the front and paint it gray so it looks like mortar.
Doesn't it look like orange goo?!
Doesn’t it look like orange goo?!

I hope that works, otherwise people will walk in and think “What are those weird orange blobs all over their house?!”
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