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How I Stay Healthy During The Holidays!

Here’s my philosophy about the holidays when it comes to food/parties/weight gain…you don’t want to indulge so much and get so off track that you start the new year not feeling your best. For me, being mindful of what I’m eating, how much and getting in some exercise keeps me feeling good, keeps my weight in check and then I kick off 2020 in the best possible place! I’M NOT A DOCTOR, but here are…

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Body After Baby!

I get lots of questions about my fitness routine during and after my pregnancy…especially how I got back into shape after I had Henry. I’m totally fine with those questions, I even welcome them, because I can be pretty vain and I was VERY CONCERNED about gaining weight during pregnancy. There are women stronger and more evolved than I, but I’m one of those women who struggles with body image and places a good chunk…

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You know your husband loves you…

When he delays his basement floor hatch project to come to your Saturday morning spin class. Mark is a road rider. He’s never taken an indoor cycling class. We rocked out during our 60 minutes on the bike with jumps, push-ups, hills and sprints. Mama-to-be Kelly Belly killed it while Mark struggled to finish. Not gonna lie…I was surprised that my hubby can lift a hundred pounds of drywall but barely get through my spin…

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Spinning right along

My spinning instructor training is going really well. I’m sure many of you don’t care, and you can stop reading HERE. My training sessions happen in the early mornings. That means I drink as much coffee as I can in my car. Right now, I’m training with two studios…one in Shadyside and one in Mt. Lebanon. (They share my love of sweat) Tired and sore don’t even begin to explain how I’m feeling, but the…

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ilove2sweat gets LITERAL

Since this blog is named after my LOVE of a good sweat sesh, I am going to share with you my latest passion. I LOVE to spin (aka indoor cycling.) I do it all the time, and not since I played tennis and basketball in high school have I loved a sport so much! My sister and most of my friends love to spin. We are spintastic spinners who talk about spinning all the time….

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