Here’s my philosophy about the holidays when it comes to food/parties/weight gain…you don’t want to indulge so much and get so off track that you start the new year not feeling your best.

For me, being mindful of what I’m eating, how much and getting in some exercise keeps me feeling good, keeps my weight in check and then I kick off 2020 in the best possible place!

I’M NOT A DOCTOR, but here are some tips that keep me happy and healthy!

  1. Try to get 2-3 workouts per week. This can be a 35 minute walk, a spin class or a weight lifting session. Just aim to move your body, get your heart rate up and break a sweat.
  2. Be more mindful about what you eat during the day. If you have a holiday party or a big weekend ahead, don’t snack during the day and make really healthy choices for breakfast and lunch.
  3. Taste a little bit of everything and really SAVOR it. This is my go-to tip during the holidays and really at any time. I fill up my plate with everything that looks absolutely delicious to me. Then I take a bite, if it’s fabulous, I finish the portion. If not, I don’t eat it.
  4. 2 glasses of alcohol with TONS of fizzy water in between. I love a cocktail and when I start boozing, it’s easy to get off track. I try and stick to two glasses and drink sparkling water or club soda in between!
  5. Weigh yourself. This can be a doozy if you’re not used to doing it. I weight myself a few times a week to check in. I keep this up during the holidays and that way, if you start to really add on some pounds, you can make better choices.

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