So many of you love to follow our home renovations (thank you!) and I equally get as much interest (usually from the ladies) about what I eat to stay healthy.

Aldi grocery haul

I’ve shared many times how I was a tomboy growing up and loved all sports! Off to college I went, put on a bunch of weight and then had to find what worked for me in terms of eating well, moving my body and feeling good in my skin. I learned so much about portion sizes from Weight Watchers…the old program not the new one. I also love to read fitness and healthy food blogs, and I’m currently obsessed with the Dr. Mark Hyman podcast, Farmacy. It’s all about functional medicine and using food to treat what ails us.

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On a typical day, I focus on whole foods and healthy fats, and I like to get a good amount of veggies and fruits onto my plate. I have a big sweet tooth and always have dessert at night. I’m a big believer in listening to your body and giving it what it wants. We should enjoy food (and life!) because we’re lucky to be here. 🙂

MORNING: I start my day with 2 cups of Tim Hortons coffee with whole milk and a spoonful of sugar. Mark always makes a big pot and has it ready to go as soon as we get up! I’ll have breakfast after I work out or around 10 am if I’m not exercising that day. I either have a big bowl of oatmeal (I use quick cook oats) with a mashed banana and a tbsp of peanut butter…or 2 eggs with 2 egg whites and cheese on lite wheat toast with lite mayo, ketchup and arugula and spinach.

Scrambled eggs with sweet potato

AFTERNOON: I always eat some fruit when I make my lunch. I’ll usually have 1 cup of cherries or grapes. Y’all know I’m on a sweet potato kick and I’ll have a HUGE sweet potato for lunch with butter or peanut butter on top. I pair that with some kind of protein….either grilled chicken or eggs or a normal-sized portion of meat. Some days I want a snack around 3-3:30 and so I’ll make a hot tea and either have pretzels, chips, a cookie or a piece of chocolate. I just portion out a normal serving size and enjoy it! 🙂

Chicken fajita wrap

EVENING: We are big COCKTAIL HOUR people over here! My go-to is a shot of tequila with fresh squeezed pink grapefruit and lime juice and fizzy water. LaCroix or Belle Vie in tangerine and orange are my favorite fizzy water flavors. Some nights I’ll have a small glass of red wine or a beer. Dinner is usually a protein with a side of veggies. Sometimes, I’ll throw the chicken or beef in a 90 calorie wrap and add cheese, salsa and spinach. If I’m extra hungry that evening, I’ll add a side of roasted potatoes, rice or sweet potato again.

Husband and wife having cocktails

DESSERT comes next! Again, I make a hot tea and enjoy a cookie, an ice cream, a candy bar…anything chocolate!! A few months ago, I interviewed a dietitian and shared her advice for healthy eating and healthy living. Read it here!

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