Hi friends! Sharing some of our FAVORITE THINGS while we’re all at home riding out this crazy/scary/WTF pandemic. Hope you all are healthy and happy…here’s how we’re passing the time.

In addition to playing with my lipstick and making himself a “tiger” we are currently watching the documentary series WONDERSTRUCK on BBC America. It’s kind of like their Planet Earth series. The beauty they capture around the world is just mind blowing! Henry loves it too so if you have a toddler they will be captivated by all the animals!

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we’re obsessed with Homeland. You can stream the first 7 seasons on Hulu and it’s just a fantastic show! And even though I don’t cook, I’m fully invested in Britain’s Best Home Cook. I love British cooking and baking shows because the hosts are funny and charming and you fall in love with the contestants.

My sister, Kelly, and I are still doing our workouts. We probably won’t go to the gym for the next 2 weeks, but we’ll run North Park and do some body weight exercises. If you’re looking for some at-home exercises to do, FOLLOW ME on Instagram where I’m posting at-home workout videos with my trainer, JB!

Here are my current favorite podcasts as I’m walking with the kiddos or taking them to the playground. I love them all…The Daily, HBR After Hours, Fresh Air and Chasing Cosby.

I’m looking for some new book recommendations, so let me know what you’re reading! Also, please share how you’re passing the time or any community services that are available to help families during this time. I’ll share them!

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