Trying to be perfect is exhausting and, honestly, if you achieved perfection…you would be annoying and not someone I’d want to hang out with. HA!

My current motto is “That’s GOOD ENOUGH!”
What I mean by that is some days I’m feeling great. I’m well rested, Henry is a happy little peanut and I’m able to take him to the library, playground, water park and do the laundry with ease.
But other days…and there are many…I am just exhausted!

On those days, I operate from the “GOOD ENOUGH!” philosophy.
If I get home from work and I’m tired and can’t get off the couch, Henry and I will watch kids shows for 2 hours and it’s fine.
If Henry is fussy and I can’t soothe him and I have to put his binky in while we’re out and about…I just do it and it’s fine.

If Henry eats frozen Trader Joe’s meatballs 2 times a week because I don’t have fresh food for him…it’s fine and he is perfect.
I think we all need to remember is that one instance of “not being perfect” will not determine the total outcome of us or our children.

We become fully realized human beings who are molded from MANY moments…and if the majority of them are good, then we are just FINE.
I’ll end this blog post here because it’s GOOD ENOUGH!
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