One of our favorite things about our #RealLifeReno is that we’re honoring the history of this grand old house!
When we were looking to buy it, one of the first things we noticed was a beautiful curved wall right at the entrance of the house that leads into the first living room.

That curve makes us think that this house was a funeral home or doctor’s office at one time. Perhaps the curved wall separated a waiting area from the rest of the house.
We absolutely LOVED that curved feature and knew that we would rebuild it after we demoed the entire inside of the house.

Mark tackled that project last week. He first drew the curve in his CAD computer program to make sure all the measurements were correct.
Then he used a jig saw and cut the curve from plywood because there’s no way to get that curve from a stiff 2×4.

Just wait til it’s drywalled and painted…it’ll be a real beauty!
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