Hear me out on the New Year’s resolutions…I love them and hate them and think they’re important and also silly. I know, I know…I’m full of contradictions.

I think it’s super important to set an INTENTION for the year and then 2 or 3 action items that you can ACTUALLY DO to realize the goal you have for yourself.

All the books I read say that the intention behind your action is the main driver of success or failure. It sounds a bit “wooey-wooey”, but I totally believe it to be true and I’m going to give you an example of how I actually plan to implement INTENTION – ACTION in 2020!

My intention for 2020 is to stop the negative self talk and to always “expect the best” instead of “expecting the worst” which is how our brains seem to be programmed.

That intention is carried out by the following action items:

  1. Recognize the negative self chatter as soon as it comes.
  2. Be kind to myself and turn that negative self talk into the kind of encouraging and compassionate talk that I give to my friends and family.
  3. When I start to get anxious or worry about what’s coming next…take a breath, surrender and ask God for immense goodness and big things to come into my life.
  4. Focus on the OPPORTUNITIES that are coming and the excitement around those to get out of the sad/low energy vibration that comes with worry and anxiousness.
  5. Help someone else. I’m a big believer that what we put out in the universe comes back to us and that we need to be in the mindset of GIVING in order to receive.

On Instagram a few days ago, I asked for people to send in their resolutions. SO MANY were about health and fitness, so I wanted to give an example of INTENTION – ACTION for those!

  1. INTENTION: To be my best healthy self.
  2. Move my body at least 5 times a week. This can be going for a walk, taking a cardio class, playing with your kid at the playground, doing yoga at home, running the neighborhood, etc…
  3. When I sit down to eat, truly savor every bite and ask myself if I’m still hungry and need to finish it. (Remind yourself that if you want to eat more, you can always have it again tomorrow.)
  4. Be kind to yourself and listen to music/podcasts/programs that will uplift you and inspire you to be the healthiest you can. (I love to listen to Oprah’s SuperSoul podcast on my walks and really fun country/pop/alternative music during my workouts.)
  5. Find inspiration online…whether that’s on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Finding workouts, healthy recipes, athletes, trainers, inspiration people…that always helps keep you on the path! (I follow fitness bloggers and trainers for inspiration and copy a lot of their workout routines and healthy recipes!)

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