Now that we’re on Day 7,856 of this #quarantine, there are a few simple truths that I follow to stay sane, upbeat and somewhat put together!

I put on makeup and fix my hair every morning. I don’t know the psychology behind it, I just know that it makes me feel better and helps me tackle the day.

Making the beds and cleaning the kitchen. When the house feels tidy, I feel more in control. (Even when a global pandemic is wreaking havoc outside.)

Set aside working hours. It’s kinda easy to just work all day long, but then it feels like the work day never ends. I like to work for 2.5 hours as soon as I get up. It’s while I’m drinking my coffee and Henry is eating breakfast and watching his shows. Once I get my work done and sent out, I play with Henry for the rest of the day and respond to emails and texts as they come in. I’ll also do a little work at night to prep for the morning while Mark is hanging with Henry.

Walking is my new favorite exercise! I now take 2 daily walks with Henry. Instead of focusing on length, time or calorie burn, I try to just enjoy the sunshine. Henry will ride his little bike or jump in the stroller and take a snooze. I listen to my podcasts, Spotify and just try to BE PRESENT.

Please comment below and share some of your stay-at-home truths! I would love to hear them!

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