Y’all know I’m obsessed with all things skincare. My goal is to use products that make me look like the best version of myself at every age! I don’t want to look 25. I want to look like the happy, vibrant, healthy and fun 38-year-old that I am! That’s why I’ve been an ambassador for Agency skincare for months.

Agency has two formulas, The Future Formula and The Dark Spot Formula. The Future Formula is designed for those who are looking for help with wrinkles, firmness and texture. That’s me! My personalized Future Formula includes the active ingredients tretinoin, azelaic acid, tranexamic acid and niacinamide. It’s formulated for my “mature skin” and it also has aloe and vitamin E so that my skin doesn’t dry out.

The Dark Spot Formula targets dark spots and hyperpigmentation which I know a lot of women struggle with. On the Agency website, you can upload photos of your skin and tell them what you’re looking for and they can prescribe you a custom formula personalized to your needs. 🙂

My future formula is something I use every night! It doesn’t irritate my skin and it goes on beautifully. It’s creamy but still lightweight. It absorbs right away and I use it all over my face and neck! (If I have extra, I’ll use it on the back of my hands too!) My favorite part is being able to update my profile online to let my provider know how my skin is changing and what I’d like from my formula.

If you’d like to try Agency, you can get the first month free…just pay $5 for shipping and handling. CLICK HERE TO TRY!

**This blog post is sponsored by Agency skincare.**

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