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My husband is a freak of nature.

I mean that in the nicest possible way. Mark is like the Energizer Bunny. The man seriously keeps GOING & GOING & GOING… While the rest of us humans have to stop to eat and go the bathroom…my husband somehow can subsist on 1 donut and a coffee in the morning and last until 7 pm. The first 2 weeks I felt inferior. I would feel bad when I needed to sit down for 10…

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Building a wall is very manly.

I’m an equal opportunity kind of girl.  Boys can play with dolls and girls can play with trucks…to each his or her own. That said, as I watched my husband build a temporary wall…I was struck at how very manly (and cool) it was. Mark and my brother-in-law are cut from the same cloth.  They both work hard, fast and don’t have to stop to eat or go the bathroom. The two of them built a temporary…

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I didn't cry at my wedding but I shed tears over this brick.

I’m so happy I could cry. And I think I might have shed a tear or two…but then again, it could be from the crazy dust that never seems to go away. All of you have been so encouraging about our “exposed brick” project…you’ve sent in countless suggestions and I’ve read every single one out loud to my husband! I gotta be honest…it kinda feels like we have a team rooting for us and the…

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Our 1st freak out.

Normally, my husband and I are calm, cool and collected. We’ve got our little routine down pat and life is just rolling along. And then, one day, everything went wrong and I became a CRAZY WOMAN and Mark had to drink like 20 beers. The dumpster guy came and took our dumpster early… We had the lumber delivered and it started pouring down rain… We had a day dedicated to working on the house and…

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My hands hurt so badly, it hurts to wash my hair.

For the last five days, I’ve been doing this nonstop… Chipping plaster that’s been stuck to these bricks since 1850 (our new estimate on when the house was built) is not fun. Call me a sissy, but these blisters are starting to hurt. No pain, no gain…right?! We demo-ed the house for a full five days.  Almost all the plaster is off the brick walls we want to expose.  The upstairs bathroom has been ripped…

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We bought a house. Holy crap.

I am a first time homeowner.  My husband is a second time homeowner.  So, this is a bigger deal for me. 🙂 We got a super cool (and in desperate need of renovation/love) 1920’s rowhouse in Lawrenceville and we wasted no time getting to work. We closed last Friday and 1 hour after the closing, this baby was delivered…. Yes, it’s enormous but thankfully we got the bigger one because it’s filling up fast. Who would have…

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