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How we got the house…

Everyone loves my husband.  That is how we got the house. I’m not kidding. Lawrenceville is one of those up and coming neighborhoods that’s really hip right now.  We really wanted to buy, but we kept running into 2 problems. 1st problem…many of the rowhouses for sale have already been flipped and they’re going for $400,000. Ummmmm, NO. 2nd problem…all the cheaper houses are picked up by investors who come in with cash and will…

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My hands hurt so badly, it hurts to wash my hair.

For the last five days, I’ve been doing this nonstop… Chipping plaster that’s been stuck to these bricks since 1850 (our new estimate on when the house was built) is not fun. Call me a sissy, but these blisters are starting to hurt. No pain, no gain…right?! We demo-ed the house for a full five days.  Almost all the plaster is off the brick walls we want to expose.  The upstairs bathroom has been ripped…

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Demolition Days

I hate dust.  Like…really, really hate it. We’re basically ripping the house down to the studs and starting the renovation from there. We had to pull down the ceiling to see which way the joists run because we’re going to move the stairs, and we have to make sure we don’t move anything that’s structural.  Trying to keep the house from falling in on us and staying alive is priority NUMERO UNO. Every time we…

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We bought a house. Holy crap.

I am a first time homeowner.  My husband is a second time homeowner.  So, this is a bigger deal for me. 🙂 We got a super cool (and in desperate need of renovation/love) 1920’s rowhouse in Lawrenceville and we wasted no time getting to work. We closed last Friday and 1 hour after the closing, this baby was delivered…. Yes, it’s enormous but thankfully we got the bigger one because it’s filling up fast. Who would have…

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