Today in our #quarantineroutine series, my favorite radio chick @KELONAIR is spilling the beans about doing her radio show at home with a toddler. (I can call her a chick because she’s my friend and a bad ass lady. 😊)

100.7's KelOnAir talks to Courtney Brennan

Kelly and I are soul sisters in this social distancing world because we both need to get into full-on, HD, “gonna be in a movie” makeup every morning to actually have a productive day. I still don’t know why, but it’s working for me so I’m staying with it!

Kelly and her family at their home in Pittsburgh

Like so many people, Kelly and her husband (who’s also working from home) handle the childcare in shifts. Kelly gets the baby up and is in charge of her until about 11 am. Then, she starts prepping for her show and her hubby takes over. Anyone who’s in quarantine with a toddler knows it’s totally insane and they basically do whatever they want.

Kelly is parenting like me and operating on a system of unlimited screen time. I mean…it’s totally fine in a pandemic, right?! 🙂

Instagram live of Kelly and her daughter on 100.7

Kelly is super bummed that she had to cancel her daughter’s baptism and 2nd birthday party because of social distancing, but she let herself grieve and tried to move on. I love her for her honesty and authenticity, and you can see more of that on my Instagram where I posted the funny videos we shot. Listen to Kelly on the air at 100.7 Star Monday through Friday from 2-7 pm! You can also stream it on the app!

Kelly’s Top 5 songs to make it through quarantine:

1.) Toosi Slide- Drake
2.) Sunday Best- Surfaces
3.) Level of Concern- 21 Pilots
4.) Lizzo- Good As Hell (my 2-year old’s favorite #proudmama)
5.) Benee- Supalonely

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