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Gettin' our CANADA on!!

Canada is so nice they have free Starbucks and fake police… Just kidding, but we did have a great weekend in the Great White North! We put down our tools and got together with my in-laws in Niagara Falls, Ontario to CELEBRATE!! (Mark & I are the childless ones in the back corner) My father-in-law is a party animal and wanted to have his 65th birthday at a water park. He says it’s for the…

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I think the term "better half" specifically applies to my marriage.

A lot of weekends, I get to emcee different events. Last Saturday, my sister and I both got to emcee an awesome memorial run/walk for Trooper Kenton Iwaniec… That’s us with Kenton’s mom, the most WONDERFUL lady. These events can last 6-7 hours, so Mark is often working at the house by himself. One day in a 6-hour span, he built 3 temporary walls on his own… For the basement wall, he used the old…

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I'm 31 years old and I live with my parents.

Our home improvement project is going a bit slower than planned…I know, I know, all of you are SHOCKED. We are lucky because my parents live close by and we can crash with them for a few weeks. While it might bother most 30-something’s to live with their parents, I’m TOTALLY OKAY with it. Here’s why: #1 – My parents are actually VERY COOL…my mom loves to dance… And so does my dad… #2 –…

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Life coming full circle

Me and my dear ol’ dad… We’ll never be able to repay him for all the help he’s given us with our Lawrenceville house. It’s kind of a déjà vu for him because a LONG time ago he used to be an electrician for the city of Pittsburgh and he worked on the traffic lights in Lawrenceville. That’s his old toolbox he used. It still has the old color code for the lights taped to…

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The BEST part of this project.

I’m a big believer that we all have God-given talents and abilities that we’re meant to use on this earth. God gave me the ability to talk nonstop with my hands. I know what you’re thinking…WHAT a skill. (Ha!) Sometimes (because of life circumstances) we never get the chance to fully realize those talents or put them to use. And that sucks. But, there are other times, when those talents aren’t just FULLY REALIZED, they’re…

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Unless the shower is made of gold, I'm not paying $1600 for it.

There are many uses for the HU-MUN-GOUS hole in my ceiling. For one, we’ll be able to hoist our new shower unit up to the second floor. We ripped out the old bathroom and are building a new bathroom in a different location. We were going to buy the above GELCOAT shower from Lowe’s. And then our plumber told us to buy ACYRLIC because it doesn’t yellow over time and is all around better. We…

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My husband is a freak of nature.

I mean that in the nicest possible way. Mark is like the Energizer Bunny. The man seriously keeps GOING & GOING & GOING… While the rest of us humans have to stop to eat and go the bathroom…my husband somehow can subsist on 1 donut and a coffee in the morning and last until 7 pm. The first 2 weeks I felt inferior. I would feel bad when I needed to sit down for 10…

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Why. Grandmas. Rock.

I don’t think my 83-year-old Nunny really “gets” why we would want to live in a narrow rowhouse in Lawrenceville when we could get a normal-sized house in the suburbs with a 2 car garage. Every time I show her a picture like this… She kind of gets a look on her face that says her inner monologue is going “Ewwwwwwww!” That said, my Nunny is a saint and she wants to be supportive. Since…

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