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Looks like Mom…Wants to be Dad!

Henry might have blond hair and blue eyes like his Momma, but I think he’s going to be like his Dad. He loves to watch Mark work on the house and always wants to touch his tools! Mark put in a new downspout the other day and Henry just stared at him the whole time. Good thing our little Tank likes to help because we’re going to need it! In the next few weeks, we’re…

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A "Spiritual Medium" Used To Live In Our House

We thought our old Victorian might have been a funeral home at one time because of the large front rooms, super high ceilings and wide interior hallway. But it’s better than that…a spiritual medium named Mrs. Heiny used to live in our house and did readings for people from 1903 to 1905. How cool is that?! I am obsessed with a show on E! called “Tyler Henry Hollywood Medium” and I think it is so…

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Cigarettes, Sidewalks & Exclamations!

At dinner the other night, we swear Henry said his first word. And we’re pretty sure it sounded like “Nicorette.” HA! No idea why he even has smoking words in his vocabulary. Over the weekend, Mark and I went to an adults only dinner party and left Henry at home for the 2nd time in 7 months. Win! Our new sidewalk was installed with spaces for our shade trees that we’ll plant to line the…

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I Can See Clearly Now!

Because the old windows are gone!! Our new windows were installed last week and it honestly feels like a completely different house. My ever-stylish husband decided black windows would be best. Once again, his eye for design is spot-on. The windows look terrific! I don’t have a great front shot of the house because we’re still doing some work there…but the big beauty shot is coming in the next few weeks! Hank the Tank was…

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Daddy's Little Sidekick

Guess where Mark and Henry spend most of their father-son bonding time? Yep, you guessed it…Home Depot, Lowe’s and Busy Beaver. Hank the Tank loves going to the hardware store with his dad…at least that’s what we think. We’ll continue to drag him there until he starts to talk and tells us otherwise. 🙂 Mark is prepping our Victorian house this weekend for the new windows that are coming. My dad is going to help,…

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We almost power washed our kid.

Hank got this new kick ass stroller (which is nicer than my car) and we’ve been spending most of our time outside! We visit Dad while he works on the new house at least 5 times every weekend. Last Saturday and Sunday, Mark power washed the new brick addition and the front facade of the house. I told him to be extra careful because he is not allowed to fall off the ladder or scaffolding…

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Major Milestones

We’ve hit some pretty big milestones this week…with Hank the Tank and with the new house! Our big boy has figured out how to roll over. Now, he won’t stop. Put him on the floor and the kid will roll to the next room…or under the table…or anywhere else to freak us out! The major masonry work on the new house was also finished this week. Even though Mark probably permanently damaged his arm from…

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Baby About Town!

Before Henry was born, Mark and I said we were going to try and live our lives as normally as possible and just bring Hank the Tank along for the ride! Just look at him…doesn’t he look like he’s up for anything?! Because God sent us such a good baby…we take Hank everywhere we go. He goes to the job site to see Daddy and all the renovations he’s doing on the new house. We…

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Does Anybody Need A Tub?

For those of you following along (we love you!)…you are well aware that Mark and I tore down the entire front brick wall of our Victorian home. While we were at it we thought…what the hell…let’s tear down the back too! 🙂 Tony G and his crew demoed this white structure which was a tiny kitchen on the very back end of the house. The upper level of the brick addition on the home came…

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A Cover Preview!

We got our favorite West Elm catalog in the mail and I about FELL OVER! “That’s our house!!” I screamed to Mark. I mean…it’s what our house will eventually be! You can’t tell from the outside right now, but this home we’re renovating is a beautiful Victorian that screams old school grandeur. Mark and I have more of a modern, casual style. So…as soon as I saw this catalogue picture…I knew instantly that’s how we’ll…

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