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Champagne tastes best in plastic cups!

Move over…the fancy squad is coming through. When you buy a new house, your family comes over to toast your new adventure and to bring the most important housewarming gifts. Toilet paper and pizza. We just closed on an old Victorian house in Lawrenceville. It’s a beauty…a grand ol’ dame of house that needs a lot of love. It’s going to be different from our current renovation. It’s more of a RESTORATION…we’re going to bring…

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Who's ready for Round 2?!

We are. (Kind of.) Mark and I are THISCLOSE to getting our next fixer upper. After 19 months of hard labor on our current house that included tearing down walls, ripping up floors and inhaling enough dust to give us black lung…we want to do it again. Most people have told us, “You two are crazy.” Maybe we are. But isn’t life more fun that way?! **FOLLOW ILOVE2SWEAT! Just click the “+ Follow” button at…

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