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I've seen this STUD before!

When we first started renovating homes, there was just one STUD in my life… Now, there are two STUDS…one is potty trained, one is not! 😉 During our first home renovation, I remember feeling SO EXCITED by stud walls. (I never thought I would type that sentence.) But stud walls mean the demolition is done and the house is starting to take shape. This pic is from our first reno…it shows the upstairs hallway with…

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Indoor Plumbing for the WIN!

You know you’re turning into a crazy home renovation person when the most exciting day all week is INSPECTION DAY! Mark worked his butt off with our plumber and put in all the new pipes and water lines. After a quick test of the pipes, where you fill them with water and look for leaks, Mark had to make a few adjustments and then we were ready for the plumbing to get inspected. Mark and…

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Henry's a DeWalt Kid!

Not even 2 yet and Henry is ready to join a construction crew! Look at his concentration! Kids are smart and imitate everything you do which is why Henry is already pretty good at sweeping and shoveling and building. Mark put in the new window for our downstairs powder room at the house we’re renovating. There will be a full bath on the second and third floors and this half bath is on the first….

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Mark the Builder and Henry the Helper!

Henry might look like his Momma but he’s got Daddy’s builder DNA! These two amigos are in their element at our #RealLifeReno and I have pictures to prove it. Henry is always helping Daddy water the trees and plants in our backyard. Mark is also installing a new gate. We went with the black gate to match our windows and French doors. Mark dug the holes… A few hours later and…VIOLA! We’re getting close to…

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Grateful for YOU

We are still moving along with our home renovation…new French doors just put in FOR THE WIN!! But I was thinking the other day about how there is SO MUCH MORE going on in my life than just the renovation and how I’m longing to SHARE IT! The stuff that’s going on is more of the spiritual realm stuff. Books I’m reading and podcasts I’m listening to that are helping me TAP IN TO WHO…

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Real Life Roundup!

Life has been good and BUSY! Our Real Life Reno is moving right along.  The entire house has been framed in…meaning you can finally see where the rooms, hallways and staircases will be. The black French doors that go from the kitchen to our backyard were installed and WE LOVE THEM! Mark planted several trees that will bloom to give us some shade and privacy in the back. The next step is to level the…

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Henry-Approved Progress!

Our 15-month-old seems very pleased with the house renovation so far! Henry and Daddy usually consult about the progress during their weekend morning coffee runs. Then Momma and Henry stop by in the afternoon to make sure everything is going smoothly! 🙂 The inside framing is complete. We have the walls, temporary staircases and rooms framed in on every floor. It’s exciting because we can finally start to see what the house is going to…

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Taking SHAPE!

We filled up another dumpster! (And by we, I mean, Mark!) Mark and my dad spent the last couple weekends clearing out the remaining debris from inside the house we are renovating. This gorgeous house was built in the 1800s and (we think) was a funeral home or maybe a doctor’s office. It then became one family house…then was turned into two apartments…and then finally turned back into one house when we bought it from…

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Christmas with the Champion Eater!

You know Christmas is going to be great when Hank the Tank looks this good in his holiday pajamas!!! Sweet baby boy did not disappoint this Christmas…he woke up VERY HAPPY although he has no idea who Santa is and could have cared less that we bought him a Tickle Me Elmo. Henry’s Nana and Pap went all out with the gifts for him and cousins Lily and Caroline. Henry got like 20 new truck…

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Dormer Demolition!

We made some BIG progress on the new house in the past several weeks! Yay! Mark and my super fantastic brother-in-law, Kevin, got on the roof and demo-ed the two dormers. Our plan is for that third floor to be two kids rooms with a bathroom, and so we wanted to double the size of the dormers to make that space bigger. Mark and Kevin got all the demolition done in about six hours and…

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