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A Clean Slate

Our kitchen looks like a fresh canvas where we can create a masterpiece. Most people just see an empty drywalled room, but Mark and I have a feeling this kitchen is going to be really spectacular. Even the clean walls look so much better than the outdated beadboard paneling and cabinets that were there before. We did salvage a really cool old piece of wood from one of the beams in our house. Mark cleaned…

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The most horrible pregnant person.

I know there are some women who love being pregnant and feel amazing…I would like to meet them. I am a horrible pregnant lady. Don’t get me wrong, I am SO EXCITED for this little peanut and can’t wait to meet him or her. But my first trimester was ROUGH. Like, really rough…I thought the baby was trying to kill me. 🙂 Second trimester came and I felt much better, but now I’ve got a…

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Our best project yet!

Our little family of two is about to grow! We are SO EXCITED to welcome a new baby into our lives this fall. Mark and I really wanted to have a little nugget of our own, and the good Lord blessed us with one. It’s a good thing we finished our second bedroom so this little peanut can have his or her own space! I’m sure our renovations will slow down a bit, but we’re…

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The sweetest thing I've laid my eyes on!

Y’all probably think I’m talking my husband. I am not. I am talking about that sweet SWEET drywall that’s going up behind him. When we first met, the sight of Mark or the sound of his voice would make me feel all warm and fuzzy…now, it’s fresh drywall and the promise of a new kitchen. Maybe we need couples therapy or maybe this is totally normal when the majority of your life is home renovating….

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I never thought I'd say this but…

…let’s talk about wall sconces! As a person who wasn’t really interested in anything “home” until about 3 years ago, I can’t believe I spent a weekend researching wall sconces. I guess I’m a grownup. 🙂 We’re going to put one in the kitchen between these two windows…there will be a breakfast table and chairs underneath. We want an industrial looking one…here are a few options I saw on Pinterest… Mark said he could make…

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The redheaded stepchild

The halfway point of any renovation project is like the red-headed stepchild…but guess what…I love gingers and if I had stepkids I would love them to pieces too. And so, I must love my derelict-looking kitchen. Everyone loves BEFORE and AFTER pictures. The before pictures show everyone how shabby your place was… The after pictures show how awesome you are and why people should want to come over. 🙂 But halfway pictures get no love….

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Love, laughter and cake trump renovations

Sometimes you just have to take a break. So we did. Mark and I went out this weekend and had a blast. We spent Saturday with family and then I took a nap. Sunday was dedicated to my mom, grandma, sister and aunts as we celebrated Mother’s Day and my sweetie pie niece’s 1st birthday! We did not pick up a hammer or a drill bit or saw. It was glorious. 🙂 **FOLLOW ILOVE2SWEAT! Just…

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Our Second Wind

Just when we were dragging MAJOR you know what…a strong, cool breeze swept through our rowhouse and gave us the boost we needed. It also could’ve been the new coffee blend we got, but the breeze is a better story. 🙂 Mark and our beloved electrician ran the electrical lines for the kitchen…first drilling through the floor joists. Mark then pulled the wires up through the stud walls and funneled them through the electrical boxes….

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You can see it coming together!

No, stud walls aren’t especially beautiful, but I love them. Being a home renovator for more than two years now, stud walls showcase what the new shape of a room will be and hold the promise of what’s to come! Our kitchen feels ohsoclose to coming together even though we still have some heavy lifting to do. We used blue tape on the floor to map out our base cabinets. We spent probably an hour…

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Babe, I can do anything!

My husband, Mark, is the definition of a good man. He’s not full of bravado or a chest-pounding ego maniac who needs everyone to know how awesome he is. Because he’s not arrogant, I knew it was a REALLY BIG DEAL when he called me after his latest home renovation accomplishment and said, “Babe, I can do anything!!!” We had to cut the water and gas lines in our kitchen because we’re moving the stove…

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