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We can't just buy a light…that would be WAY too easy!

There is a power struggle that exists between Mark and I when it comes to DIY-ing EVERYTHING in our home. If he had his way, Mark would sketch, design and build EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. in our house. He would rather live without any light fixtures for a year if it meant that he could take 12 months to craft every single one. I refuse to let him do this, but I had to budge a…

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The kitchen of my dreams from the man of my dreams!

Please tell me you rolled your eyes when you read that title. I did too. Now, let’s move on. I. Love. My. Kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points for me to get across the level of excitement I am feeling. From the butcher block countertop, to the white farm sink, to the chic gray cabinets, to the above-the-range microwave…this kitchen is EVERYTHING and is making me seriously think about cooking. (Yeah right.) My favorite…

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Gray All Day!

Oh my friends…my new kitchen is giving me ALL THE FEELS!!! Favorite husband, Mark, worked every night after his real job to assemble the cabinet drawers. He is now a pro at assembling anything IKEA, and you should call him when you buy stuff from there. The gray cabinet fronts went up easily. After that, we hung the wall cabinets. That went SUPER quickly because, with IKEA, you screw a metal rail into the wall…

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A kitchen so nice, I might actually use it!

Mark and I are at the point in our kitchen remodel where the heavy lifting is done. What we’re doing now is mostly cosmetic, and it makes me so EXCITED!!! Look at that farm sink! With the butcher block counter top! My poor family must endure several texts like this throughout the day as each piece is installed. They humor me…out of love…and text me back saying they love it too. 🙂 A quick rewind…

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Pregnant lady down…dad to the rescue!

Our kitchen is THISCLOSE to being done! And since I’m dealing with some pretty bad back pain during these last 3 months of pregnancy, I’m out of the mix right now. So, Mark called my dad and they painted our kitchen. I think he prefers him anyway. 😉 We love PPG Paints and we used the color “Shark.” It’s a very light gray that’s a step above white, and it has a clean finish that…

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The Truth About Pregnancy

I wish I was a glowing, pregnant goddess who handled my growing belly with grace…but my pregnancy journey has been more like a sweaty troll who’s dealing with an ever-expanding belly wondering when it’s going to be OVER! Morning sickness almost killed me. I am not a wimp and I have a high threshold for pain, and yet morning sickness had me in tears cursing my husband and his sperm. Pregnancy has also given me…

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The BIGGEST surprise!

Everyone has asked us if we are going to find out the sex of the baby. We are not. Mark and I are going to wait until the peanut comes out…I just think it will be the most wonderful/biggest/most incredible surprise that we will ever have! I know a lot of people COULD NOT WAIT to find out what they’re having, but Mark and I are just so happy that the baby is in my…

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The butcher, the baker, the cabinet maker

Favorite husband Mark wears many hats around here…he is the grill master, makes a semi-decent brownie and is a whiz at cabinetry. We all know Mark could make the cabinets himself, but in the interest of time, we bought IKEA kitchen cabinets and are now assembling them. I supervise. I also help. 🙂 Lord knows assembling IKEA cabinets can be the death of some people with their instruction booklet all pictures and no words. They…

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Mark works. I nap.

At 21 weeks, I officially look like a pregnant person and not like I ate everything in our refrigerator. Cooking our little one is an exhausting job, and I could literally fall asleep at any moment during the day. I actually fell asleep while taking this picture. 😉 While I napped, Mark started to mud and tape the drywall in our kitchen. He’s a little out of practice since we haven’t done this for awhile,…

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A "super active" baby!

Mark and I just had our big, 2nd trimester ultrasound and the technician said to us, “You have one super active baby.” Our little peanut never stopped moving. Baby A did a few flips and even stood up at one point as if to say, “Hey Mom and Dad! I’m hereeeeee!!!” It was wonderful. We both were so teary-eyed during the ultrasound, I think we’ll be big sobbing messes when the little nugget comes out….

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