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Life as we know it…

…is about to change! Even though it feels like I will have Braxton Hicks contractions forever and never have this baby. Ugh. Waiting for our baby gives Mark and me LOTS of time to think about the future and (try to) plan what’s next for us. Mark is currently “winterizing” the big Victorian house we’re supposed to renovate next. We also have a mason lined up to help us fix the front brick facade of…

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I can't wait…to see my feet!

I’m getting close to the end and thinking about the things I can’t wait to do once I’m NO LONGER pregnant! Obviously snuggling with my little love bug all day once he or she arrives is numero uno but there are several close seconds. I can’t wait TO SEE MY FEET! I can only see the tops of my toes right now…and I can barely reach them…so Mark is in charge of foot massages. He’s…

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Looking like a whale and crying at the drop of a hat.

I’m now officially “full-term” aka “looking like a whale.” Baby could come any day now, but I have a feeling he or she will wait til THE VERY LAST SECOND just to prove who’s in charge. Mark can’t wait to be a proud papa and got our new Graham Glider all set up in the nursery…thanks Canadian grandparents for the gift! We also got a few special things that made me cry…and you know I…

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I know, I know…you roll your eyes every time you hear someone say they’re “blessed” or hashtag it on their Instagram photo while they’re holding a mimosa and looking out over the Italian Riveria…I hate those people too. 😉 But, I gotta say I’m #blessed after the week I had. First of all…if any of you ever want to throw a party, you should consult my friend, Susie, who must have been a celebrity party…

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From House to Home!

Getting ready for baby and “nesting” hardcore over here! And it’s not just limited to the baby’s room…I am like a madwoman trying to put the finishing touches on the rest of the house! I’ve forced Mark to hang more art and pictures in the last 3 weeks than he’s done in his entire life. I love it all. It really makes the house feel like a home. Our finished kitchen really rounds everything out!…

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A Letter To Our Sweetie

Dear Baby A, Everyone is SO EXCITED to meet you…and most of them think you will be a boy! If you are a girl, I’m sure you’re laughing inside my belly thinking “I’ll show them!” You are already so loved and when our family came together this weekend for your baby shower, I’m sure you could feel it! All your cousins are super cute…so you have a lot to live up to! 🙂 Your Canadian…

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Mr. Muscles & His Crib

All of our home renovations have been leading to this moment where all of Mark’s building expertise has come in handy… Look at Mr. Muscles putting that crib together. Such a man. The time has come to get the baby’s room ready. Long-time blog readers will remember that the baby’s room first looked like this. We finally renovated it and it looked like this. Now, we’ve got a crib, changing table and dresser…all we need…

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An Unconventional Push Present

It’s a thing nowadays for the husband/spouse/partner to buy his lady a gift for carrying and pushing out that sweet little baby that rips a woman from here to kingdom come. I only have 8 weeks before that happens! Most of the time the push present is jewelry…or maybe a car if you had a really bad pregnancy and labored for 48 hours. Mark asked me the other day what I wanted and I told…

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Gotta have GOALS!

Mark and I are all about goals. Call us crazy, but we believe in speaking those goals OUT LOUD and putting them into the universe where they can take shape and happen! Goal #1: To feel good these next 9 weeks, work all the way up to my due date, then walk to the hospital, spread my legs and have the baby fall out. Goal #2: To keep our composure when the kid comes out…

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How to live through a kitchen remodel without getting divorced.

People always ask if Mark and I fight during our renovations…and we almost never do. Look at us…so in love…(Mark had like 5 beers before this was taken.) We sometimes get a bit testy about halfway through any project, but we haven’t had any big blowups. I think it works for us because we always know that every project will take longer than planned and will likely cost a few more bucks than we allotted….

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