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The Vaccine And Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Fertility

Let’s dive right into ALL YOUR QUESTIONS about the vaccine as it relates to pregnancy, fertility and breastfeeding. Dr. Amy Crawford-Faucher is the Vice Chair of the Department of Family Medicine & Primary Care Institute at AHN and she has so many wonderful insights and answers! Q: Any more data on how it affects eggs or fetuses? Scientifically we know that it has no effect on eggs or fetuses. The vaccine does not cross the placenta….

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These Are All Way Better Than Strapless Bras

If you hate strapless bras, you are my friend. I was forever adjusting them and pulling them up, and then I decided not to wear them anymore. Here are the items I wear now. I either go for pasties or a bralette with pretty straps that I don’t mind others seeing. 🙂 1 – Evereve bralette2 – Breast petals3 – Adhesive bra4 – Aerie bralette

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What We’re Loving This Week!

Mark’s favorite slim cut jeans are on sale at JCrew Factory. The feta-tomato dip/pasta bake that’s all over TikTok and Instagram is worth the hype! I actually made my second batch this weekend just because it’s so good. I don’t do fake lashes, but I do use L’Oreal voluminous mascara in all black. It’s been a staple of mine for years, and it’s only seven dollars. 2 Netflix recommendations…Dead To Me and Call My Agent….

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Why I Stopped Watching The Real Housewives

I must start by saying that I was (and still kinda am) a HUGE Housewives fan. I loved the New York City crew and I love me some Erika Jane and Lisa Rinna on the Beverly Hills side. About a month ago, I saw there was a new crew…the ladies from Salt Lake City. I hadn’t watched in awhile so I thought I’d try it. Instead of it being a fun escape or a guilty…

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Yinz Give Back!

Friends, it’s time to give back! I think a lot of us feel weird about this holiday season. It’s not the same as years past, and it doesn’t feel right to just buy more stuff that we probably don’t need. COVID-19 has decimated communities and households who will be forever changed. Lots of you reached out and shared some amazing organizations in Western PA that are helping families get through this. Below are lists of…

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Am I Too Old To Have A Baby?

Should I have another baby? Will I even be able to conceive?! THESE are the questions I’m trying to answer, my friends. I’m about to turn 38 years old (with a 43-year-old husband) and the issue of FERTILITY is a weekly discussion in our house. Since I’m in my late 30s and considered “geriatric” by the medical community, in terms of pregnancy, I figured I should talk to an expert to see if I have…

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Kids, COVID and Is It Okay To Go To The Pool?

Oh friends, COVID really threw a wrench in our summer plans! I know we’re all doing our best but RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU AND YOUR KID ARE GOING STIR CRAZY!! 🙂 We cancelled our travel plans but started having some of Henry’s little friends over to play outside at our water table. We’re also regulars at our neighborhood spray park. Even though we’re outside, I started wondering…is it even okay to do this? Should Henry…

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What to listen to during #quarantine!

Today in our #quarantineroutine series, my favorite radio chick @KELONAIR is spilling the beans about doing her radio show at home with a toddler. (I can call her a chick because she’s my friend and a bad ass lady. 😊) Kelly and I are soul sisters in this social distancing world because we both need to get into full-on, HD, “gonna be in a movie” makeup every morning to actually have a productive day. I…

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Your Mental Health and COVID-19

FRIENDS! I’M WRITING IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS BLOG! A few days ago, I talked with Dr. Matt Iwaniec, a psychologist at AHN, who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy. I’ve listened to some podcasts about CBT and was super interested in learning some tangible strategies to help deal with negative thinking and anxiety. Dr. Matt was super awesome and shared his techniques to help improve your mood, lessen your anxiety…

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Staying-At-Home Truths!

Now that we’re on Day 7,856 of this #quarantine, there are a few simple truths that I follow to stay sane, upbeat and somewhat put together! I put on makeup and fix my hair every morning. I don’t know the psychology behind it, I just know that it makes me feel better and helps me tackle the day. Making the beds and cleaning the kitchen. When the house feels tidy, I feel more in control….

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