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Everything we’re watching, reading and listening to while riding out #Coronavirus at home!

Hi friends! Sharing some of our FAVORITE THINGS while we’re all at home riding out this crazy/scary/WTF pandemic. Hope you all are healthy and happy…here’s how we’re passing the time. In addition to playing with my lipstick and making himself a “tiger” we are currently watching the documentary series WONDERSTRUCK on BBC America. It’s kind of like their Planet Earth series. The beauty they capture around the world is just mind blowing! Henry loves it…

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Resolution Hater, Intention Lover

Hear me out on the New Year’s resolutions…I love them and hate them and think they’re important and also silly. I know, I know…I’m full of contradictions. I think it’s super important to set an INTENTION for the year and then 2 or 3 action items that you can ACTUALLY DO to realize the goal you have for yourself. All the books I read say that the intention behind your action is the main driver…

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Winter Wonderland!

I wanted to wait until my new website was up to share our trip up to Seven Springs!This is the second time we’ve partnered with GoLaurelHighlands, and we love going to the mountains because it’s only an hour from our house and there is SO MUCH to do! We started in Ligonier and had dinner at Carol and Dave’s Roadhouse. Is there anything better than a home cooked meal with a Moscow mule?! NO!Ligonier’s Light…

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Time to take back #MomJeans and rebrand that word as the awesomeness it is! My favorite pair are from J.Crew and I found them on a sale rack like 3 years ago. They sat in my drawer because I didn’t know how to wear them and then came the “French Tuck” and all bets were off! The French Tuck is the most fashionable way to tuck in your shirt and rock the #MomJeans look. That is obviously…

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Best Weekend Ever!

I should go away for the night more often, and always with my sister in tow! We really had the best time on our sisters’ getaway to the Laurel Highlands last week. A little bit of culture, a little bit of nature and a big, delicious meal were exactly what we needed! We started with a tour of Fallingwater, the iconic home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I loved all the modern furniture he designed…

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Pee on the Bugs!

We are in the throes of potty training and by “throes” I mean Henry has no interest. He is now two and a half and I’m noticing that other kids his age at the playground and in gymnastics class are not in diapers. We did get him a Paw Patrol toilet seat and he likes to sit on it then throw toilet paper in and flush it. But the actual act of going the bathroom…

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Stepping OUT!

I want to thank ALL OF YOU for the sweet messages and kind words and GOOD MOJO that you sent my way this week. When I announced that I’m stepping away from Channel 11 to do new things, I got so much encouragement from people who said that life is short and you need to seize opportunities and take risks! Change is exciting and scary. I have felt ALL THE EMOTIONS these last 6 months…

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Birthday Boy!

My husband is not the same person I married. For one, I did not know he was so good at demo-ing houses. He never told me he knew how to build stud walls. Nor did he share that he could hang drywall… And mud and tape it. He knows how to wire a house for electrical. And he built me a brand new kitchen. Oh…and he’s also passing all this good stuff on to our…

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The Dating-Like Ritual of Finding #MomFriends

Finding #MomFriends is so hard! My sister has to be my #MomFriend because we’re related and our mother would yell at her if she wasn’t. But finding your tribe of Momma friends isn’t easy. I kinda think it’s like dating and we’re all on a Tinder playground swiping left and right as our kids play. Henry is almost two and a half. He wants to play with other kids, and I want him to play…

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The First Year You SURVIVE, The Second You THRIVE!

Oh, what a difference a year makes! Our sweet boy, Henry, just turned 2 and it was a SWEET birthday indeed. No longer are we the sleep-deprived parents who feel like a shell of their former selves. No longer am I a nursing Momma with a baby attached at the boob. No longer is Henry a 2-a-day napper, but just a good, solid napper from 1 to 3 pm. On his first birthday, I felt…

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