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Vacation and poop…like LOTS of poop.

We’ve been away from the blog for a hot minute because we’ve been living life…and taking care of a 7-month-old who is a VERY busy boy! A few weeks ago, we took Henry to Toronto to see his cousins… He loved every minute of the trip including when he blew out his diaper in the car and had poop all over him and the car seat. Mark and I laughed and laughed as we cleaned…

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Watch Your Mouth!

My sweet boy is googling and gurgling and making all sorts of sounds as he tries to figure out how to talk! While this is amazing, it’s also giving me major anxiety because I have a horrible mouth…as in, I could make a sailor blush. 🙂 I am not proud (and I know my mother is mortified by this) and I am working on it, but the other night while we were playing with Hank…

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Daddy's Little Sidekick

Guess where Mark and Henry spend most of their father-son bonding time? Yep, you guessed it…Home Depot, Lowe’s and Busy Beaver. Hank the Tank loves going to the hardware store with his dad…at least that’s what we think. We’ll continue to drag him there until he starts to talk and tells us otherwise. 🙂 Mark is prepping our Victorian house this weekend for the new windows that are coming. My dad is going to help,…

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Mark will only go on a family walk beer is involved.

Yep…that’s what my husband wants, so that’s what my husband gets! Thankfully, we live in Lawrenceville where the number of breweries and bars is endless, so we have many, many options. 🙂 To be fair, I also love our new family ritual. Every night, we put Hank in the Rolls Royce of strollers and go for a nice, hour-long walk through the neighborhood. Sometimes we stop for a drink at the beginning…sometimes, we grab a…

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Old, Sexy Dad!

My sweet hubby Mark turned 40 this week…it’s a big one and Hank and I wanted to do something special for him! We surprised Daddy at his office with a big birthday lunch! The whole office was in on it and set up a bunch of fake meetings and kept Mark busy while the caterers came in and while I set up the cake! Since Mark is now an old, sexy dad…we had to celebrate…

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Mom Guilt is real…it totally screws with your head…and it’s hard to get rid of. That is the 2,346,758th thing I have learned as a mother. I swore to myself that I would breastfeed Henry as long as I could, but if it got really difficult when I went back to work then I would supplement with formula and not feel bad about it. Well, guess how that went??? Not well at all. I don’t…

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Renovating a house vs. Raising a kid

Mark and I are trying to figure out what’s harder…renovating a house or raising a baby? I think the time we put into both might be comparable. When I’m with Henry on the weekends, Mark is at the house for a full 8 hours working his butt off. The only difference is that I get big coos and toothless smiles and Mark just gets a face full of dust. The money is not comparable. Renovating…

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There is no time to blog!

I wrote this blog in 7 minutes as Hank the Tank finished snoozing. (That Patriots onesie is for you, Uncle Dave!) I’m back at WPXI which means I’m a working mom…and Dear Jesus in heaven…I have no free time!! I’m sure I’ll get better as the weeks go by and bring you some super stellar blog posts about our house and baby…that is my goal. But all I’ve got for you today is that I…

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Onward We Go!

After 12 awesome weeks with my sweet, sweet boy…Momma is heading back to work! I’m excited to go back…although I’m sure I will shed a few tears. I do take great, GREAT comfort in the fact that Henry will be spending his days with my mom…his Nana. Henry loves his Nana…he loves to coo and smile at her…and his favorite cousin Lily also loves him to bits. Hank, Lily and Nana will have more fun…

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An ode to the stay at home mom!

Holy crap. OMG. You’re kidding me?! That’s what I say when I meet Mommas who stay at home full time…most of them with more than one kid. During my maternity leave, I’ve met so many moms who are raising their kids…without family nearby…many of whom suffered with postpartum depression…and they are STILL kicking it and rocking it and are just SO. DAMN. IMPRESSIVE. After I tell them they’re amazing…I then say to them, “You are…

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