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Happy Father's Day!

A BIG and HAPPY Father’s Day to all you Daddios out there! Especially my Pops, my brother-in-law and my hubby/daddy-to-be! These guys have helped Mark and I so much with our home renovations, and they’re both great dads! An extra big squeeze to my other half who I KNOW will be an awesome dad! **FOLLOW ILOVE2SWEAT! Just click the “+ Follow” button at the top of the page and put in your email address…some of…

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Kiddo Krazy

Uncle Mark and Aunt Courtney have been out in full force these last few weeks! Lilypad continues to be the cutest baby on the planet and I am smitten beyond words. She has the entire family totally obsessed with her every move. And Mama Kelly is looking sooooo good, it’s like she never gained any baby weight…girlfriend is smokin’!!! I get to babysit Lily BY MYSELF very soon. I must get a pack n’ play…

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Uncle Mark

Mark loves being a DIY home renovater ALMOST as much as he loves being an uncle. Uncle Mark was in his full glory when nephews, Lucas and Joey, came in for a quick visit with Mark’s sister, Trish. Leading up to the reunion, Mark went to our local Busy Beaver (his fave spot) and picked out some safety glasses for the kids. He also grabbed a 2×4 and put the boys through a “home renovation”…

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We don't have proper resort wear

Turns out our DIY home renovation lifestyle does not exactly transfer over into the fancy schmancy world of resort living. The first guests in our room at the Bedford Springs Resort wore big hats that probably wouldn’t even fit in our rowhouse. And when we drank champagne at The Tavern, I basically felt like I was on the Titanic and was waiting for Celine Dion to sing “My Heart Will Go On.” The sweet town…

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Born This Way!

To quote the bad a$$ Lady Gaga…”I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way!” (I’m really talking about my husband) Do you recognize our Marky Mark? That’s 14-year-old Mark in his parents’ Toronto garage helping his dad renovate their house. Check out those safety glasses…such a stud. I guess he was meant to be a DIY home renovator from the start! We found this picture when we were in Toronto this past…

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Aunt Courtney

You know what’s better than renovating and blogging and most things in general? Being an aunt. I’m spending the week at the beach in Stone Harbor with my sister, Kelly, and her baby girl, Lily. [wpvideo Fq2DVB4n] Mama Kelly lets me help with the feedings and I get to play with her and rock her to sleep. Lily is the tiniest little thing and yet she makes the LOUDEST noises…sometimes we’re not sure what end…

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Babies, blinds and beer

My niece, Lily, has quite the life. She eats, sleeps and gets her aunt and grandparents to lay on the floor and applaud every time she blinks. I want to put her in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Most Amazing Baby Ever.” Even though I could hang out with Lilypad all the time, we needed to work on the house. Mark finished sanding and put the final coat of polyeutherane on our…

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Work and Play

We did more play than work this past weekend, but how could you not when it felt like summer in the ‘Burgh?! Mark did his part in the Steel City Pizza contest that was held in Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville. No pizza for me, but I did drink a tub of fresh lemonade. I went out for a girls night and Mark started sanding our stair treads. We’re giving each one a light coat of…

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I discovered something new this week. I found out that my sister is one TOUGH Mama Bear. We all were soooo excited when Kelly went into labor and got her room at Magee Hospital. Things were good for the first few hours, but then it got DIFFICULT. For 36 HOURS, my sister battled ridiculous contractions. We took turns being with her in her room and sleeping in the hallway. The doctor finally said Kelly needed…

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Whoa baby!!!

Mark and I (and my mom & dad) used our DIY skills this past weekend for my sister’s baby shower… Who are we kidding…we totally just bought everything. This was definitely not a girly Pinterest baby shower, but it was still awesome. Kelly and Kevin were the stars of the day as our family and closest friends celebrated the pending arrival of Baby Lily! It was a guys & gals shower at the Fox and…

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